Code of Conduct

Clear values apply to WELLICIOUS. We treat our employees, our business partners, third parties and the public with integrity, respect and fairness, and conduct our global business in compliance with all applicable laws.

WELLICIOUS stands for sustainable and socially responsible action in the areas of economy, ecology and social issues and expects this from its business partners These values are bindingly laid down in this Code of Conduct. All WELLICIOUS employees are required to comply with these guidelines.

1. Legal compliance and integrity

As part of its business activities, WELLICIOUS is committed to complying with all legal, regulatory or regulatory requirements of the countries in which WELLICIOUS operates. When dealing with colleagues, customers, suppliers and authorities, WELLICIOUS employees must always act in accordance with the law, professionally and fairly. We expect each other respectful behavior and want to face each person with appreciation. Each employee respects the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of each individual.

2. Human rights

For WELLICIOUS, adhering to international human rights and human dignity is an integral part of corporate values. They are based on the universal ethical values and principles, in particular integrity, integrity and human dignity.

3. Child labor and forced labor

WELLICIOUS condemns child labor and all forms of forced or compulsory labor. Child labor and all forms of exploitation of children and adolescents are consistently rejected. All forms of forced labor, bonded labor, serfdom and slave labor or slavery and similar conditions are rejected. Employees must not be forced to work, directly or indirectly, by force or intimidation, nor compel others to do so.

4. Discrimination

WELLICIOUS stands for the equality of all people. Regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, race, nationality, age, political opinion, trade union activity or disability. Discrimination against individuals or groups of persons as well as sexist behavior will not be tolerated. The right to freedom of opinion and expression is guaranteed.

5. Free market and fair competition

PRECIOUS WELLBEIN Gpromotes fair competition and adheres to antitrust and other competition-regulating regulations and laws protecting competition. Restrictive agreements such as price fixing and cartel agreements with competitors, suppliers or customers will not be tolerated. WELLICIOUS also demands this attitude from its business partners.

6. Corruption

For WELLICIOUS, the principles of transparency, accountability, integrity, solidarity, moral courage, justice, democracy and the rule of law apply. WELLICIOUS specifically opposes all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery. Employees and third parties commissioned by WELLICIOUS are prohibited from offering or accepting any benefits that could affect business decisions.

7. Money laundering

For WELLICIOUS, it is a matter of course to play a pro-active role in the international fight against money laundering and terrorism and to take measures in their own sphere of influence to counteract such actions.WELLICIOUS makes every effort not to be misused for other illegal purposes.

8. Fair employment conditions

WELLICIOUS expressly commits to fair employment conditions. All relevant regulations in the country of employment are followed by us as an employer.

WELLICIOUS considers its employees as the largest corporate capital, and their safety and satisfaction are paramount to the company.

9. Occupational health and safety

As part of its business activities, WELLICIOUS takes preventive action to ensure health and safety at work.

The laws, regulations and other requirements in the area of occupational safety and health protection are always complied with.

Every employee is committed to providing WELLICIOUS with the best of their knowledge in helping to create safe working conditions. All employees must know and follow the relevant safety instructions and regulations.

10. Confidentiality and privacy

Information about customers, partners, subcontractors, employees and competitors that are not publicly known will be treated confidentially and will not be forwarded to unauthorized third parties or used for private purposes.

Business secrets, including those of business partners, are treated confidentially by WELLICIOUS and its employees. A disclosure of confidential information to third parties or the public disclosure is prohibited and they are also to protect against the insight of third parties and non-involved employees in an appropriate manner .. This applies to all employees even after the termination of the employment continued.

The principles of data security are obeyed by our Information technology secured. Personal data will only be used and processed to the extent necessary and legally permissible in the course of business activities.

11. Protection of the environment and natural resources

WELLICIOUS is particularly important for the protection of the environment, the conservation of natural resources and the use of efficient energy production.

Not only do we comply with the laws, regulations and other requirements that we have committed ourselves to, WELLICIOUS always strives to set new and higher standards. Our goal is to prevent environmental impact, to reduce unnecessary energy consumption by increasing energy efficiency and to continuously improve our environmental and energy optimization services for our activities, products and services.

Employees protect resources and ensure that their activities protect the environment as much as possible. When choosing suppliers, materials or external services, every employee considers ecological, ethical and social criteria in addition to the economic aspects. WELLICIOUS strives for profitable growth while respecting society and the natural environment.