Wellicious - Biodegradable Yoga Fashion


Welcome to our earth-loving, fun community!

The Wellicious story began in London in 2007 when sustainability was a vision shared by just a few in the fashion industry –including our founder, a self-proclained sustainability warrior and mother of three, Heike.

As a child, she was profoundly inspired by her grandmother Maria’s unwavering commitment to living a sustainable lifestyle and her parents' two-decade-long residence in Eastern Africa, where they lived amidts the wonders of nature. The turning point came in 2006 at a trade fair in Paris where Heike found herself immersed in a small yet passionate crowd of people who shared her vision of revolutionising the fashion industry for the greater good. And so began Heike’s mission to combine her love of yoga with the philosophy that style should not be at the expense of our planet.

From the start, Wellicious has exclusively manufactured its products in Europe and adopted certified organic cotton since 2009. The idea of implementing a circular fashion business model, one that is environmentally friendly and beneficial to both people and the planet, has always been tempting to us. This fascination deepened further during our studies on sustainable supply chains at Cambridge University. Our mission was clear: to build a company that could produce long-lasting and circular yoga clothing and activewear, promoting the reuse and recycling of all
materials while eliminating fashion waste and pollution. The concept of a transparent biodegradable yoga and activewear clothing line, which is safe for biological systems and decomposes into nutrients for other organisms, may have seemed near impossible, but we dared to dream big and have successfully transformed it into reality.

The colours of our yoga collection and gym Clothing are inspired by the ocean, symbolizing our profound commitment to Cradle to Cradle Certified® products and integrated manufacturing processes. Our new range of sustainable yoga and activewear styles proudly holds the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold and Platinum awards for material health.

We hope you have fun exploring our new eco-premium yoga wear and sports fashion – and even more fun wearing it.

Let’s make good things happen, together!