Biodegradable Ethical Yoga Brand


Sustainability is fun and easy!

We are here to join active women on their personal journeys, helping them make positive consumption choices on the way; to share our conviction that it’s possible to look great whilst protecting nature. Our yoga and active exercise outfits are versatile, feminine, and easily integrated into everyday life.

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously.

We are passionate about respecting and protecting our planet for our children and future generations to live and love life on as we do! In pursuit of this goal, we have chosen the Cradle to Cradle process to create our products as it has the vision to create a world where waste is virturally eliminated. Cradle to Cradle design reimagines the traditional ” take-make-waste ” model and replaces it with a circular, regenerative system. It promotes the idea that products and materials can be designed to create continuous cycles of use and reuse, reducing the strain on our planet’s resources and fostering a more sustainable future.

We want you to feel as good as you look.

Our yoga and active wear is not just beneficial for the planet; it is also beneficial for you. Our products have been awarded the Platinum Cradle to Cradle certification for material health, ensuring your protection. We refrain from using any harmful toxins and additives in our production process, prioritising both sustainability and your well-being.

We love life!

Follow our green-minded community as we continue to help you to make better and more meaningful choices for the world and our lifestyles.