Happy Sustainable 2023!

The Yogis Guide to New Year's Resolutions

Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.
[Carl Bard]

It’s that wonderful, hope filled time of year again when we let go of the things that no longer serve us and set intentions to bring in what will. Yogis, in my opinion, are some of the bravest, openhearted creatures around. Two characteristics, when lived fully, which can really transform a life. The daily practice of yoga has the ability to peel away the layers of the outer self and reveal to us the richness and beauty that lies under the surface. Yoga teaches us that living in the moment offers the best possible perspective to any given situation. The goal must be to apply this to every aspect of life especially when facing a brand-new exciting year. I would like to offer a practical guide to digging deeper into your resolutions and goals this year in order to succeed.

Clear Your Mind

The first step to finding a resolution that will implement positive change in your life is quieting the mind. The goal must come from the deepest part of you in order to really plummet you forward in a direction you desire to go. I use the Japanese form of meditation which is characterised by the pairing of deep breathing and reciting mantras. The brain is only able to do one thing at a time. So, you are pushing away the negative self-talk, the opinions of others and the messages from the outer world and replacing it with breathing and mantras. This will connect you to that deep space within that contains the details of your life that are ready to rise up.

Affirmatively State Your Goal in A Detailed Manner

Now that the mind is clear of debris and chatter it is time to really get down to figuring out what you want to accomplish. It can be as simple as how you define or word your goal. Cease from phrasing your resolution as a negation like, “I will stop eating junk food” or “I will break-up with my abusive partner.” Negations really limit the depth in which you can go within your resolution. Open up the resolution by replacing the negation with an affirmative statement like, “I choose to eat healthier this year” or “I will make myself available to enter into a healthy nurturing relationship.” This frees up space within the goal, giving you the opportunity to grow in so many different life-altering directions.

Dig Deeper and Ask Why You Want to Accomplish This

What do you believe your life will look like once you accomplish this resolution? It is important to go beyond the surface of the resolution to identify what you think this goal, once accomplished, will offer your life. A perfect example is the common goal of losing weight. People naively believe that losing weight will bring them love, acceptance and a deeper sense of self-confidence. Only to find that once they lose the weight none of those things come along with it. It’s possible that some personal emotional work needs to occur instead of a physical change or alongside the physical change. Become a personal archaeologist and figure out what the underlying need is within the resolution. If losing the weight will help you have a healthier heart, allow you to have more energy in your everyday life and increase your sex drive then you can be sure that losing the 15 pounds is a physical goal. If you are looking for more than the physical you want to put more than the physical into the solution. It’s possible you may want to work with a therapist or healer to help you move through limiting beliefs cause by past trauma. Be very clear what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Create a Full Proof Plan

Be smart about how you are going to make this happen. Realize that if you had the complete knowledge of this particular goal you would have likely already accomplished it. So come to the situation in the form of a pupil that must to learn your way to the solution.

Educate Yourself: Run to the experts when it comes to fully informing yourself about the resolution. If you want to eat healthier you may want to think about making an appointment with a nutritionist or reading a book written by a tried and true health food guru. If losing weight is the goal, figure out a form of exercise that will be fun for you and that will appeal to your schedule and budget. Educate yourself on what could happen if you do not implement this change. Knowing that someone in your situation could have a heart attack if you keep the weight on may inspire you to really take this resolution seriously.

Tap Into Your Support System: Accountability is a must when it comes to keeping your resolutions. Tell everyone you know what you plan to accomplish so they can keep you on the straight and narrow. Post it on your social media sites and ask people to keep you faithful. It is a lot harder to break a resolution when you know you have hundreds of people pulling for you.

Apply Positive Reinforcement: Everyone needs a “Tada Girl!” from time to time. So, make sure that you are giving yourself a pat on the back each time you reach small goals. If you are staying committed to exercising consistently be sure to treat yourself to something new to fit your body that is shedding pounds. Make sure the gift isn’t the thing you are eliminating from your life though. So, if you are vowing to eat healthier the reinforcement of an ice-cream sundae with extra whip cream is a step back. Research suggests that intermediate reinforcement can help lock in new habits.

Stay On The Path: Be sure that you are staying committed to the things that do work for you. Knowing where you are on the path is of up most importance. The best way to stay on the path is to keep you in the moment. It allows you to be fully aware of the opportunities that rise in that exact moment. A consistent yoga practice consisting of 3 to 5 days a week will keep your body and mind in check and present. It is also important that you begin a daily meditation practice that will calm your mind and connect you to the deepest, wisest part of yourself. So, discover our new Cradle to Cradle Certified & biodegradable yoga tops and yoga leggings and start practising.

2023 is your year! By full proofing your New Year’s resolutions you are setting sail on the sea of success. Allow your resolutions to penetrate your body, mind and soul yogi style. By consciously creating positive resolutions you will transform the world you live in.

(By Sarah Stevenson)