Wellicious loves iced cooling drinks in the summer!

How can I keep my body and mind cool in the hot summer time?

According to traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda), it is important to use cooling spices during the summer months to avoid excess internal heat in the body.

Known as the “pitta,” or fire season, summer can lead to excess inflammation, acne, rash, sweating and even heat stroke. To keep the body cool during the summer months, Ayurveda recommends eating cooling foods such as leafy bitter greens, cucumber, watermelon, and coconut water.

Iced Sweet Basil Mint Tea:

Serves 8
1 cup of fresh mint,
1 cup of fresh basil
8 cups of hot water

Place the mint and basil leaves in a big pot and pour the hot water over. Let it brew for about 8 minutes. Sweeten with honey if needed.  Then pour into a glass filled with ice cubes and enjoy it chilled.

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