The Wellicious' Sustainable Gift Guide!

The Wellicious' Sustainable Gift Guide!

As the festive season approaches and the spirit of giving fills the air, there's a unique opportunity for us to redefine our holiday traditions. Beyond the glittering lights and cheerful decorations lies a powerful choice that can make a lasting impact on our planet – the decision to shop sustainably. In recent years, the global call for environmental consciousness has grown louder, and this holiday season presents a golden chance to align our festivities with a commitment to a healthier, more sustainable future.

The holiday season, often synonymous with abundance and joyous celebration, is also a time when consumerism peaks. From extravagant gifts to elaborate decorations, our purchases during this time can significantly contribute to our ecological footprint. Embracing sustainable practices during the holidays is not merely an eco-friendly trend but a conscious shift towards responsible consumerism, ensuring that our festivities do not come at the cost of the environment.

To give you some inspiration, our team curated a small selection of products and brands that share the same passion with us – a more conscious and Earth-loving way of life!


1- Natural Face Scrub by UpCircle.

a sustainable British skincare brand that upcycles skincare ingredients.

2- Fine Beaded Chain Bracelet by Monica Vinader.

They only work with 100% recycled gold and silver and 100% recyclable packaging, with over 50 of their pieces fuly-traceable pieces though their Product Passport.

3- Paddington B Carbon Recycled Canvas Bag by Roka London.

Recycled Canvas is made from post-consumer waste, that’s used plastic bottles and containers that are cleaned, chipped and spun into polyester yarn.

4- Beeswax Wraps by Honey Bee Good.

100% cotton that's been soaked in a mix of beeswax, resin and oil to create an eco-friendly, reusable, pliable cover for food that is biodegradable and compostable.  Wax wraps can replace at least year's worth of plastic bags.

5- Willow Tote by Ask Scandinavia.

Helsinki-based and female-founded company creating timeless and design-driven bags with planet-kind and innovative materials. We love particularly the Willow Tote!

6- The Orange, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood Scented Candle by Self Made Candles

Natural soy wax candles and candle making kits. Made with essential oils. Hand-Poured in London, UK. Vegan friendly, eco-conscious. 

7- HejHej-Mat by Hej Hej.

A closed-loop yoga mat made from secondary raw materials & 100% recyclable. Hej Hej offers a range of closed loop yoga equipment!

8- Slow Down Antioxidants Meditation Facial by Aloemio.

Aloemio sources their organic plant extracts from Switzerland and the sheet mask material is 100% natural and compostable. The packaging is recyclable and produced climate-neutrally in Germany.

9- SLOW Orange, cardamon, cinnamon and vanilla Spray by

Highly concentrated plant extracts. Organic, natural, without alcohol. The hydrolates are created in the age-old tradition of gentle distillation of plants. Based on the ancient knowledge of herbalism and supported by the connection to nature, high-quality extracts are created with their water-soluble substances and essential oils.

10- Vase Diamant by Combbags

Founded by a woman and inspired by Nature and Architecture - all products are handmade taking the sustainable aspects into account, for a more conscious lifestyle.

We hope that our small guide can inspire you to shop more sustainable this season! 

Until next time,

Your Wellicious Team