Besma Wayheb Wellicious Ambassador

Meet the Ambassador: Besma Whayeb

Besma Whayeb is a Yoga lover based in Brighton, UK. She is the author of Curiously Conscious, a leading UK blog focused on sustainable fashion and lifestyle. 

She is also a Wellicious Ambassador and we had a chat with her about Sustainability, Yoga and more!

Why you like Wellicious clothes?

I really enjoy wearing my Wellicious clothing as it’s so beautifully made - comfortable, supportive, and circular, too.

Where is your favourite place to practice yoga?

Chalk, London

Do you have any favourite yoga teachers? 

I first got into yoga watching Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, I’ll always have a soft spot for her and her classes! 

When did you first become interested in sustainable fashion?

I first started thinking about sustainable fashion during my undergrad, where I spent a year in Paris. I was inspired by French food - and the appreciation for seasonality and provenance - and it got me thinking about where my clothes come from, the materials they’re made from, and how I can choose better, more sustainable options.

What sustainable fashion rules do you try to follow?

I like to shop with brands that design their clothes with care, share who makes their clothes, and prioritise sustainable and natural fibres. However, my best recommendation for anyone looking to make their wardrobe more sustainable is to start by sussing out your own style! Knowing which styles make your feel confident will help you to make the most of your existing clothes, make better investments when do you do shop, and avoid fleeting trends!

Do you have any upcoming events or retreats you'd like to share with our readers? 

Keep an eye out for Sustainable Fashion Week Brighton 2024!

Favourite quote to live by? 

"Care for your clothes like the good friends they are"


Besma is wearing our 3/4 Crop Top in Caviar Black and our Easy Pocket Leggings in Caviar Black.