Book recommendation: Enchanted Islands by Laura Coffey

Book recommendation: Enchanted Islands by Laura Coffey

As the warmth of the sun gradually intensifies and the days stretch longer, the anticipation of summer's arrival fills the air with an undeniable sense of excitement. Amidst this seasonal shift, there's no better companion than a good book! We do have an excellent recommendation if you love memoir and Greek mythology:

Enchanted Islands: A Mediterranean Odyssey – A Memoir of Travels through Love, Grief and Mythology by Laura Coffey.


“It started with a boy, of course. Seeking solace from the pain of heartbreak and her father’s illness, Laura Coffey embarks on what was meant to be a simple holiday. But her newfound fascination with ancient Greek myths transforms her trip into a six-month odyssey, around tiny archipelagos and mystical Mediterranean islands thought to be the setting of Odysseus’s epic journey. As she chases one of the most conflicted, flawed and yet beloved heroes through his fantastical sea-kingdoms, looking for the places where geography and mythology collide, she discovers the wild beauty of the islands, and the redemptive powers of travel and nature, cold-water swimming, long hikes up mountains, deep yoga practices and luminous star-lit skies.”

 “Magical and captivating – hugely recommended”Stephen Fry

If you want to join her on this journey, check more about the book here.

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