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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Gabriela Bozic in Munich

Elevate Your Yoga Practice: Unveiling the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Gabriela Bozic in Munich from the 7th of September until the 3rd of December 2023!

Prepare to dive into an enriching journey of self-discovery and yogic wisdom through the 200-hour yoga teacher training with the revered instructor, Gabriela Bozic, set against the charming backdrop of Munich. This transformative experience promises to sculpt you into a knowledgeable and confident yoga guide while nurturing your personal growth.

Under the expert guidance of Gabriela Bozic, a luminary in the world of yoga, you'll delve into the profound intricacies of yogic philosophy, anatomy, and teaching methodologies. As the sun rises over Munich, embrace each day with enthusiasm and dedication.

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The training gains further depth with the exceptional expertise of Felicia Walker and Ulrike Schablin, who will provide invaluable assistance to Gabriela throughout the program. This trio of seasoned instructors forms the backbone of your training journey.

Additionally, the training boasts appearances by renowned guest teachers: Annika Isterling, acclaimed for her precision and mindfulness; Karl Straub, a philosopher of yoga who will expand your understanding of its ancient roots; and Puja Lepp, who will nurture your connection between heart and mind.

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From mastering intricate asanas to profound meditation practices, the curriculum offers a harmonious blend of physical challenges and inner exploration. This immersive experience in Munich's serene ambiance creates an ideal environment for growth.

As you navigate this transformative odyssey, you'll forge lasting connections with like-minded individuals, share insights, and evolve in a supportive community. Enroll today to embark on a holistic journey that transcends the mat and empowers you to radiate yogic brilliance.

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