Meet the Ambassador: Elina from Bowls and Flows

Meet the Ambassador: Elina from Bowls and Flows

Elina (@bowlsandflows) is a freelance writer and recipe developer who loves to share her passion by creating recipes and writing about vegan food and anything related to a healthy lifestyle. She is also a yoga teacher, Ayurveda lifestyle coach and Wellicious Ambassador! 

Elina, please tell us a bit more about yourself:

As a nutritionist and Ayurveda health coach, I believe in the transformative power of food and see it as a vital path to sustain health – not just on a physical level but also for mental well-being. My passion for crafting nourishing, plant-based recipes guides my mission to empower women towards a life of balance, joy and unrestricted well-being through mindful eating and holistic living. 

Why do you like wearing Wellicious' clothes?

Wellicious' eco-friendly yoga wear combines comfort with style and durability – perfectly echoing my values of conscious consumption and timeless quality. Sustainability never felt (and looked) so good! 

Where is your favourite place to practice Yoga? 

In nature, close to the ocean.

Do you have any favourite Yoga teachers?

Meghan Curie for creative sequencing and Dylan Werner to build strength 

Tell us about your upcoming events or retreats:

My online program NOURISHED for women to learn about their Ayurvedic constitution, explore nourishing rituals and make aligned food and lifestyle choices for a grounded, stress-free and revitalized life. 

Favourite quote to live by? 

“strong back, soft front, wild heart“ by Brené brown 

Elina is wearing our 3/4 Crop Top in Caviar Black and our Easy Pocket Leggings in Caviar Black.

Check out Elina's delicious recipes and her projects on her website: