A Wellicious Summer: Keep cool this summer in our organic and circular designs

A Wellicious Summer: Keep cool this summer in our organic and circular designs

After what feels like a very long winter, summer is finally here.  It is finally time to pack away your winter coats and scarves and bring out your vests and light clothes.  Say bye-bye to your thick and heavy winter fabrics and hello to your light and airy summer fabrics.

To help you through the summer, we have compiled a timeless capsule collection of easy-to-wear Wellicious pieces, which will take you from the yoga studio or gym to the beach and beyond.  We have designed our collection to be as versatile as it is comfortable.

Beat the heat in Wellicious

Thanks to our entire collection being made from GOTS certified organic cotton, not only do our clothes feel soft and luxurious, but because cotton is a natural fibre, our clothes are also breathable and will absorb moisture as you sweat, allowing you to cool down at a faster rate.

Furthermore, organic cotton has hypoallergenic properties.  No toxic chemicals or pesticides are used in the growing of organic cotton. As a result, its natural fibres are gentle on the skin and less likely to cause rashes and skin irritations.

Our clothes are also easy to look after and machine washable, which is perfect for the summer.

Made to last…from this summer, until next summer, and beyond

At Wellicious, we champion slow fashion and use organic cotton which lasts longer than regular cotton.  Pesticides and fertilisers are used in the growing of regular cotton and these chemicals can weaken the fibres. In contrast, no toxic chemicals are used in the growing of organic cotton, allowing the fibres to grow strong and healthy. This results in a higher-quality fabric that is more resistant to wear and tear, and can be enjoyed all summer long and beyond.

Circular and good for the planet

Finally, when a Wellicious item is ready to be returned to the earth (thereby closing its materials’ loop), you can send it back to us in exchange for a 10% discount on your next purchase. In doing so, we will make sure the biodegrading process is optimised with the help of a scientific team so that no trace of your item is left behind.

While it is possible to decompose your clothes at home, the process is quite complex and time consuming.  When you return the product to us, we will make sure our products decompose into biological nutrients, becoming biomass and food for other organisms.

Pictured above is our Diamond White set:


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