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  • Banana Cinnamon Crepes with Berry Ice Cream + Mango

    So these are so crazy yummy.  So this recipe doesn’t have any high fat ingredients! Woo! All fruit, all the time. The crepes themselves taste like banana bread and if you roll them up they’d be a terrific, healthy and addicting snack wherever you go. If you can control yourself and not eat them all before you leave your dwelling, that is. Enjoy ...

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  • Easy and Delicious Veggie Sushi Rolls

    Packed with nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and protein, these raw veggie sushi rolls are equal parts easy, nourishing, filling, and delicious. Avocado gives a delicious and creamy texture to the sushi rolls and offers a great balance with the crunchy vegetable sticks. Nori offers the body a wealth of minerals ...

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  • Living Foods Workshop

    Do you wish to improve your energy and health? Do you wish to learn more about the benefits of Raw and Living Foods? Then I recommend the “Living Foods Workshop” of Jill. Two days in which to learn about health-giving eating plans and transforming the quality of your life. Includes juicing, wonders of wheatgrass, how to sprout, raw & dehydr ...

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