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Yoga Accessories

  • Clothes and Accessories Designed To Help Your Yoga Poses

    Finding the right clothes to wear when you are trying to maintain some of the more complex yoga poses can be tricky, and it soon comes to the fore that a pair of standard jogging bottoms and an old tank top simply won't suffice. Wellicious have carefully designed many of their products with achieving particular yoga poses in mind, and thus have ...

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  • Quality Yoga Mats

    There are a few considerations that need to be made before purchasing yoga wear and accessories, and this varies depending on the individual. A yoga mat perfect for your friend could be completely inappropriate for you, so it is essential to do some research prior to purchasing one. The amount of padding in the mat will depend on whether or not ...

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  • Perfect Gifts for a Yoga or Pilates Enthusiast

    General wellbeing, good health and mental and physical comfort are the central objectives promoted by yoga enthusiasts. Proven to help people control their weight, improve posture, considerably help back pain and even assist a person's mental health, yoga has really come to the fore in the last twenty years, with more and more people every day ...

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