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  • Looking Gorgeous In Your Yoga Class

    When you have looked for new yoga wear in the past, you might have been disappointed with the items on offer. For some reason, many providers of such offerings seem to pay little heed to the way they look. This can be hugely frustrating. After all, you might be keen to look your best when you attend your classes and donning frumpy and unattract ...

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  • The Principles Of Pilates

    Pilates has soared in popularity over recent times as more and more people switch on to the benefits it offers. You might be among the many individuals who dons Pilates clothing to get stuck into the pursuit. The discipline was founded in the early 20th century by the German Joseph Pilates. He originally called the activity contrology because h ...

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  • No Need To Be Nervous Before Your First Yoga Class

    Before your first yoga class, you might be feeling a little apprehensive. This is perfectly natural. After all, if you have never engaged in such activity before, you are bound to feel a little unsure. However, there is no need to worry. The fact is, such exercises are there to be enjoyed and to boost your wellbeing, so they should be a pleasur ...

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  • Pilates Clothing - Preparing for Your First Class

    If you're walking into a Pilates studio for the first time, it can seem slightly daunting. But you'll soon be loving it. You don't need to bring much with you to the studio for your first class. All necessary equipment will be provided. However, many people like to use their own mat ,  so you may want to do the same eventually, here you should ...

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  • Get In Shape for Summer

    If you are like us, then you will get to the end of every year and say “where did the year go?” Well, whilst it may still be cold outside, you will probably still manage to be surprised at just how quickly summer swings around. And by the time it does, the chances are you will already want to be in shape, rather than desperately trying to catch ...

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  • How Yoga Can Benefit You

    The practice of yoga has been notable throughout history.  Types of meditative yoga are thought to have been practiced as early as 500BC.  Today, the pastime is increasing in popularity year by year.  Yoga classes are ubiquitous throughout the country, and yoga wear and related fashions are not just limited to the studio.  It is a simple yet ef ...

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  • 4 Tips to keep you Fit and Gorgeous

    Worried this year's winter weather is going to cause major havoc to your beauty & skin? Lucy Wyndham-Read Celebrity Fitness Expert and Author of "The No Gym Workout" has 4 Top Tips to keep you Fit and Gorgeous this Autumn... Tip 1: With the evening s getting darker it is a great time to do your quick workout in your lunch hour. Lunch hour  ...

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  • The Super 3 Desk Workout

    To many of us have little time left in our day to then after work head off to the gym, yet its time to think about multi tasking just squeeze in 15 minutes at lunch time this will get you in shape and buzzing for the afternoon. The Super 3 Desk Workout For your Abdominals: Sit on your chair with your feet placed flat on the floor in front of yo ...

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