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Super Food

  • Black Bean Brownies!

    Black Bean Brownies - by Hemsley & Hemsley Makes 12 brownies Ingredients (use organic where possible): 2 tins of cooked black beans (drained weight 500g) or 500g homecooked beans (dried weight 200g, soaked overnight) 230g butter or coconut oil at room temperature, plus extra for greasing 4 eggs 85g unsweetened cacao powder 150–180ml maple s ...

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  • Green Smoothie!

    Detoxification doesn’t have to be a scary concept conjuring images of month long juice fasts and will-testing deprivation. Gentle (and delicious) cleansing can be something that you incorporate into your daily routine. Start with smoothies. Their high fiber and water content make them especially good for helping to sweep out the intestines, whi ...

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  • NOSH Detox Juice Deal!

    We have teamed up with the delicious and nutritious Nosh Detox The Raw Smoothie and for detox January we have exclusive offers for you! This week (Jan 8th to Jan 14th) we have a sale on the Nosh 3 Day Organic Green Cleanse RRP £239.97, for the sale price of £99 – including delivery (59% Off)! Get yours now: ...

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  • Energy boosting matcha tea recipe

    Our retail customer Catrin Rudling, a certified teamaster, loves matcha tea and sent us this superhealthy and supersimple recipe. Super simple shot with matcha, one shot: - 1 tsk matcha (mix with a spoon, a little water or juice, to form a paste) - Use a whisk or a blender and add 1 dl freshly pressed orange juice. - Pour into a glass and enjoy ...

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  • Delicious Raw Food Crackers - easily prepared!

    Make your own Raw Food Crackers with flax seeds, herbs and sun-dried tomatoes, olives or beets. They are super delicious and healthy and you can easily change the recipe according to your taste. This is a base recipe that can easily be changed by you to suit your taste. Use olives, grated carrot, beetroot, seeds and nuts for interesting varia ...

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  • The benefits of the lemon.

    There are many, many benefits to the lemon; beauty - cosmetic, hygiene, care, diet… The lemon is a useful miracle food in lots of cases! Besides being very beneficial the lemon is a rather inexpensive citrus fruit compared with the profits which it produces on the health. Some people consume lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning; to ob ...

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  • Boost your immune system

         Be prepared for all the germs outside! A good support for your immune system is elderberry. This little power berry may help you recover more quickly from flu or cold. Cook them in a little bit of water for one hour and collect the juice in a bottle. The fruit leftovers should be squeeze through a tea cloth to get the whole juice. Both liq ...

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  • The Raw Smoothie-Wellbeing Well Bottled

    The Raw Smoothie Company found a way to put optimum health in a bottle. In our busy, modern lives, keeping healthy isn’t easy. It’s a real challenge to take care and get all the nutrients and vitamins you need. So they found a way to make it simple for you. Introducing… The world’s first 100% Raw Smoothie. Why drink your smoothie raw? Because r ...

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  • A new way of snacking

      Do you like snacking? But you don't like the side effects?What do you think about healthy snacking? We found a way and the only thing to do, is to decide what kind of snack is your favourite. On you can choose from about 100 nutritious snacks. You tell them which you like and they put it for you in a box and send it to you. Addition ...

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  • Healthy Food – Citrus Fruits

    Juicing Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Tangerines, Grapefruits and other citrus fruits look just like the mammary glands of the female and actually assist breast health and the movement of lymph - a fluid that destroys toxins and circulates protein throughout the lymphatic system. All citrus fruits are high in vitamin C and limonene, thought to inhibi ...

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