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  • Yoga Nidra - Learning to relax in a busy World

    "At the point of sleep when sleep has not yet come and external wakefulness vanishes, at this point being is revealed." (Vigyana Bhairava Tantra) Have you ever been angry and someone told you to "relax"? Or perhaps been upset, anxious or stressed and been advised to "just relax"? Maybe suffered with insomnia due to too many thoughts? Unfortunat ...

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  • Living the high life with yoga relaxation accessories

    You might be feeling a little worn out. We are approaching the end of a long, dark winter and, although the weather may now gradually start to improve, you may be at a low ebb. Many people feel a little down at this time of year, so it is nothing unusual. Meanwhile, as well as the weather, you might be under pressure because of work and domesti ...

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  • A yoga lifestyle may help you cope with stress

    Yoga is not just about certain exercises and breathing techniques. Rather, it is a whole lifestyle and one that helps many individuals keep on top of their tasks. The modern world can be tough and freneti ...

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  • Make your home a haven with yoga accessories

    Like many consumers in the UK and elsewhere, you might be making the most of the wonderful yoga classes now available. These days, virtually all gyms and sports centres offer such sessions and the vari ...

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  • Kirsty's Tips for Insomia

    To unwind your mind and physically prepare for sleep make a point of doing something to draw a line between your day and your sleep. Do something relaxing like having a bath, reading a book, perhaps don't watch TV for the last hour of your evening. By doing this you are telling your mind that your are preparing for sleep. Avoid caffeine and sug ...

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