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Pilates Clothing

  • Win a Yoga and Pilates set!

    Wellicious draws lots for a beautiful yoga and for Pilates sets worth of 230 € on Facebook. In the yoga set, you will find : a yoga Pants in Caviar Black, a classic Nice tank top in slide moon White and the Divine yoga mat in Caviar Black. The participation is quite simple. Follow us on Facebook and you answer a question. Now participate: https ...

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  • Yoga clothing and Pilates clothing

    Yoga and Pilates are different disciplines. Pilates was developed relatively recently, but it shares something of the philosophy of yoga and many of the poses. In general, classes are based more around strength and flexibility, while yoga sessions can also include breathing exercises and elements of meditation. Yoga clothing and Pilates clothin ...

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  • The Benefits of Pilates

    Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the first half of the 20th century. He believed that mental and physical well-being were interrelated and so designed exercises to strengthen both the body and the mind. Pilates is a body conditioning routine which tones, strengthens and improves flexibility in the arms, legs, back, stomach and hips. T ...

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  • Feel energised this spring with yoga

    At last, the worst of the winter weather is largely behind us and it is now time to look forward to warmer and more pleasant conditions. Temperatures are starting to rise, the days are getting longer and flower beds, hedgerows and so on are beginning to awaken after their chilly hibernation. At this time of year, you might start to enjoy a rene ...

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  • Feeling Comfy And Stylish In Your Yoga Session

    Have you ever felt frumpy, uncomfortable or even restricted in your movement in your yoga or Pilates class? Perhaps you’re not wearing clothing that make you look and feel good? That’s a shame if you feel self conscious, as the discipline of yoga relies on you being able to completely let go and be at peace with yourself. So get comfortable, sh ...

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  • The Principles Of Pilates

    Pilates has soared in popularity over recent times as more and more people switch on to the benefits it offers. You might be among the many individuals who dons Pilates clothing to get stuck into the pursuit. The discipline was founded in the early 20th century by the German Joseph Pilates. He originally called the activity contrology because h ...

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  • Yoga Clothes With Style

    There's an old cliché that suggests that whatever you're prepared to spend, yoga clothes are drab and unfashionable. However, the days of generic grey jogging bottoms and worn-out gym t-shirts are over; with yoga, pilates and other mat-based flexibility and meditative disciplines becoming the new UK craze, there's a market for fashionable, fitt ...

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  • Achieve Comfort And Style With Great Yoga Wear

    Buying clothes can be a tricky business. Often you might have to make trade-offs between comfort and style. For example, selecting a pair of shoes for a party can present a dilemma. You are keen to look fantastic but you know that the items you really want would cause you considerable discomfort. Therefore, you have to choose between sacrificin ...

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  • Yoga Clothes Make Superb Gifts

    Your thoughts may already be turning to the festive season. While December 25th still seems a long way off, it will arrive sooner than you think. And, by starting your Christmas shopping now, you can spread the cost of the celebrations and reduce the financial impact they have. This can make those dreaded January credit card bills a little less ...

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  • Pilates Clothing - Preparing for Your First Class

    If you're walking into a Pilates studio for the first time, it can seem slightly daunting. But you'll soon be loving it. You don't need to bring much with you to the studio for your first class. All necessary equipment will be provided. However, many people like to use their own mat ,  so you may want to do the same eventually, here you should ...

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