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Our Wellicious Team wants to make sure that you eat healthy and well.

  • Should You Eat Before a Yoga Class?

    Should you eat before a yoga session? That’s a question on the lips of many aspiring yogis. We are taught to see food as a fuel that can give us the energy to get us through strenuous workouts. But, eating too much or too soon before a yoga class could make you feel very uncomfortable, or even sick, throughout it. Here are some practical sugges ...

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  • Powerfood: Oatmeal

    Eating Oatmeal is a good choice because it has a lot of benefits for you. Oatmeal is packed with fibre, a reasonable amount of protein (comparable to soy), and even a small amount of Omega-3's. It’s a good grain that will sustain you throughout the morning so you aren't prone to irritability or an energy crash. Furthermore is has a lot of vitam ...

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  • Eat more veg!

    Able & Cole makes it possible. They are one of the pioneers of organic food retailing in the UK and delivered organic veg for over 20 years. The delivery charge is still just 99p to all orders. You can choose of various boxes or single organic products. Furthermore you can find good recipes ideas what to cook with all the delicious and fres ...

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  • Boost your immune system

         Be prepared for all the germs outside! A good support for your immune system is elderberry. This little power berry may help you recover more quickly from flu or cold. Cook them in a little bit of water for one hour and collect the juice in a bottle. The fruit leftovers should be squeeze through a tea cloth to get the whole juice. Both liq ...

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  • Hot soup for cold weather

    When you are tired about the autumn weather and you need something to get in a better mood, what do you think about a hot an delicious soup? It is the perfect way to prevent a cold after a rainy day. Additionally it gives you a lot of energy back after your Yoga class. The autumn has a lot of tasty vegetables and they are now available on the ...

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  • A new way of snacking

      Do you like snacking? But you don't like the side effects?What do you think about healthy snacking? We found a way and the only thing to do, is to decide what kind of snack is your favourite. On you can choose from about 100 nutritious snacks. You tell them which you like and they put it for you in a box and send it to you. Addition ...

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  • Recipe: Patricia´s Sunday Lunch Salad

    Every Sunday morning I treat myself with a visit to Queen's Park Farmers' Market. I buy many delicious organic veggies such as avocado, kale (which is my absolute favourite!), spinach, parsley, mushrooms, fennel, tomatoes, radish and this time also wild garlic which I turn into different salads. Et voila – a deliciously healthy and filling Sund ...

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  • Wellicious loves inSpiral

    inSpiral specialises in gourmet optimum nutrition for connoisseurs, all freshly handmade onsite and served from our vibrant counter. Many of their dishes are suitable for those with special diets, for example wheat, gluten, or sugar-free, and everything is suitable for vegans - containing no eggs or dairy and therefore everything is naturally ...

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  • The art of wellbeing at work

    Gunn Haglund left the corporate world where she was selling television channels to the universe and instead have chosen to sell a healthy lifestyle to those very corporations and their people. Having teamed up with a leading UK nutritionist Elizabeth Montgomery and her favourite yoga teachers to launch Planet Energize, the small enthusiastic co ...

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  • all I need - carbonated organic green-tea-drink

    all i need is a completely new type of refreshment based on green tea. It’s new because they brew solely whole tea leaves from selected organic Sencha green tea leaves from China according to a tradition that is thousands of years old. For that process they use three times as much tea as is used for other tea beverages. That way, we make sure t ...

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