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  • Pilates explained

    Like most people, you may well have heard about Pilates. It is an exercise form that is gaining popularity in the UK and many other countries as people seek effective ways to get in shape and stay healthy. However, you might not know exactly what the discipline involves. It gets its name from its inventor, the German Joseph Pilates. He dev ...

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  • My Calm Concept Store - the online store for a relaxed lifestyle

    A new online concept store,, focuses on yoga and loungewear that is versatile, fashionable and can be worn for countless other occasions. is yet another source of Wellicious clothing. You can find ideal easy clothing for one of those days when you just have to get out of restrictive business wear and thereby wipe off ...

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  • Be comfy without looking frumpy

    Sometimes in life, everyone needs to feel comfy. Whether you come in from a hard day at work, want to luxuriate in the peace and quiet of your home at the weekend or fancy donning loungewear for any other ...

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  • Don't Sacrifice Style for Comfort - Get Both!

    If you have joined the rising number of people across the globe taking part in yoga, you will no doubt be on the lookout for great clothes to wear when you are engaging in the activity. As well as being a fantastic way to relax body and mind, the pursuit can be quite physically testing. This means that you will need garments that enable you to ...

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  • Comfortable and Beautiful

    Yoga is wonderful for self esteem. However, wearing the wrong yoga clothes can be completely detrimental to how great you feel, with traditional yoga clothes looking frumpy or just plain ugly. Some people have a notion that Yoga Clothes are all floaty and shapeless, and that is simply the way it has to be, but the truth is yoga wear simply need ...

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  • Warm, Stylish Loungewear Clothing

    Cashmere is a type of wool, but it doesn’t come from sheep. It comes from cashmere goats, which have an especially soft, warm wool. It’s the softness that marks it out, and you can recognise cashmere easily just by the way it feels on the skin. There is nothing quite like it- the best Cashmere is softer even than lambs wool or merino. Those fib ...

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  • You don't have to compromise style for comfort

    They say a home can be like a castle to British people but you may feel far from royal in the clothes you wear around your abode. After all, many of the more comfortable garments available are not particularly attractive. And if you are playing with your children or engaging in cooking, cleaning and other household chores, you may well prioriti ...

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  • Lovely Loungewear for Ladies

    Many women seem to think that the clothing they slouch about or exercise in – their loungewear – is not meant or allowed to be pretty, but at Wellicious we disagree. We want to change this misconception and bring beautiful back. We defy anybody pedalling the notion that yoga wear should be basic and dull. Our range of eco friendly clothing is s ...

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  • Are you in need of some retail therapy?

    Every now and then we can all benefit from some retail therapy. Often boosting the contents of our wardrobes is the perfect way of achieving this. So, if you feel the need to treat yourself and spend some of your hard earned cash, why not browse the offerings here at Wellicious. By selecting yoga clothing, loungewear or any other offerings avai ...

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  • Beautiful, Ethical Loungewear

    At Wellicious we are interested in providing loungewear and clothing for yoga and Pilates which exceeds the expected quality of clothes usually worn for exercise and errand-running. Our clothes are ethical and stunning, available in a huge range of subtle colours, with items intended to appeal to all tastes and to suit all complexions. In addit ...

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