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  • The latest Cover of Yoga Journal UK shows how much Yoga has evolved in the recent years

    Last week we went shopping at Wholefoods in London and could not contain our excitement when we saw the cover picture of the latest August issue of Yoga Journal in the UK. The cover picture of London based yoga teacher Kathryn Budig looks so refreshing, modern, new and represents exactly how much yoga has evolved in the recent years. When we st ...

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  • Black Bean Brownies!

    Black Bean Brownies - by Hemsley & Hemsley Makes 12 brownies Ingredients (use organic where possible): 2 tins of cooked black beans (drained weight 500g) or 500g homecooked beans (dried weight 200g, soaked overnight) 230g butter or coconut oil at room temperature, plus extra for greasing 4 eggs 85g unsweetened cacao powder 150–180ml maple s ...

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  • Green Smoothie!

    Detoxification doesn’t have to be a scary concept conjuring images of month long juice fasts and will-testing deprivation. Gentle (and delicious) cleansing can be something that you incorporate into your daily routine. Start with smoothies. Their high fiber and water content make them especially good for helping to sweep out the intestines, whi ...

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  • Raw Vegan Snack Bowl!

    A nourishing macro bowl done raw vegan style by Kelly Fielding of Bella and Bhakti, full of active enzymes and probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and proteins with a taste bud pleasing combo of textures and flavor. You will feel utterly satisfied after having this recipe for lunch or dinner. Enjoy! Thank you Raw Food Recipes for sharing with us! C ...

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  • NOSH Detox Juice Deal!

    We have teamed up with the delicious and nutritious Nosh Detox The Raw Smoothie and for detox January we have exclusive offers for you! This week (Jan 8th to Jan 14th) we have a sale on the Nosh 3 Day Organic Green Cleanse RRP £239.97, for the sale price of £99 – including delivery (59% Off)! Get yours now: ...

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  • Delicious Raw Food Crackers - easily prepared!

    Make your own Raw Food Crackers with flax seeds, herbs and sun-dried tomatoes, olives or beets. They are super delicious and healthy and you can easily change the recipe according to your taste. This is a base recipe that can easily be changed by you to suit your taste. Use olives, grated carrot, beetroot, seeds and nuts for interesting varia ...

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  • Meditation – searching peace within

    When I got more interested in Yoga and had a deeper look into the philosophy I came across Patanjali's eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. That was the first time I was taught that Yoga doesn't only include the physical asanas (exercises) but has eight different levels or limbs as they are called in the yogic world. The last stage is Samadhi – pure ...

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  • Indulge yourself this Christmas

    Let's be honest, January can be testing. You’ve had some time off, parties galore, excessive eating and for some even a tipple or two too many… before you know it your back to work, back in a routine trying to warm yourself with soups and purge yourself with salad to get those extra pounds off… and of course that NEW YEAR promise to not drink ...

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  • The Foundation and Roots of Himalayan Hatha Yoga

    My first encounter with my teacher Yogi Ashokananda was at the London Yoga Studio Alchemy, when I joined my first ever meditation class and then later got introduced to his Himalayan Hatha Yoga to which I connected immediately as it was so different from any yoga class I took before. His teaching is so much more profound than any other yoga te ...

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  • The Sacral Chakra; emotional well-being & a calm state of mind.

    Pictured: The Daisy London Sacral Chakra bracelet. The Sacral Chakra, based upon an orange colouring, focuses on how we react to new people and new experiences, and whether or not we find it easy to connect and accept them. It is also focused upon our emotional being & state of mind, emotions such as love, hate & jealously. The Sacral ...

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