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  • Indulge yourself this Christmas

    Let's be honest, January can be testing. You’ve had some time off, parties galore, excessive eating and for some even a tipple or two too many… before you know it your back to work, back in a routine trying to warm yourself with soups and purge yourself with salad to get those extra pounds off… and of course that NEW YEAR promise to not drink ...

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  • Detox your body and mind

    Detox means to eliminate toxins which nestle down in our bodies. These days there is nothing we can do to stay completely clean from toxins. The reason I am saying this is that we not only consume toxins from the food we eat, like pesticides in vegetables but also through other influences. The environment for example is another source or in our ...

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  • The Sacral Chakra; emotional well-being & a calm state of mind.

    Pictured: The Daisy London Sacral Chakra bracelet. The Sacral Chakra, based upon an orange colouring, focuses on how we react to new people and new experiences, and whether or not we find it easy to connect and accept them. It is also focused upon our emotional being & state of mind, emotions such as love, hate & jealously. The Sacral ...

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  • Holistic therapies – an oasis for mind, body and soul

    As a yoga teacher and massage therapist, yoga and massages and any kind of holistic treatments are part of my life. But this has not always been so natural to me. As many, I believed in the healing powers of painkillers and in a young age, I even became addicted to painkillers to treat my permanent headache. The headache was weaker but of cours ...

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  • RAW Sushi for hot summer days

    1) Marinate curly kale in himalayan salt, lemon and soy sauce, then once it's soft cut it small – that's your base. 2) Slice avocado, pepper, cucumber, cooked beetroot, carrots in pieces as thick as you like them. 3) Place a nori leave on a bamboo sushi-roll mat and add the curly kale onto it, quiet a lot. 4) Now add avocado, pepper, cucumber, ...

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  • How can I keep my body and mind cool in the hot summer time?

    According to traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda), it is important to use cooling spices during the summer months to avoid excess internal heat in the body. Known as the “pitta,” or fire season, summer can lead to excess inflammation, acne, rash, sweating and even heat stroke. To keep the body cool during the summer months, Ayurveda recommend ...

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  • The benefits of the lemon.

    There are many, many benefits to the lemon; beauty - cosmetic, hygiene, care, diet… The lemon is a useful miracle food in lots of cases! Besides being very beneficial the lemon is a rather inexpensive citrus fruit compared with the profits which it produces on the health. Some people consume lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning; to ob ...

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  • How meditation can prevent heart attack and stroke?

    A recent study published in the Time Magazine tells us that meditation can  help to prevent a Heart Attack or a stroke. ‘Meditation can’t hurt you!’ This it is what most Doctors and people say, but now there is reassuring evidence that it may help you as well when it comes to warding off disease. The study was conducted  by the US National Hear ...

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  • The Similarities between Pilates and Yoga

    Yoga and Pilates are, on face value, very similar. They both work the body and focus on core strength, balance and flexibility. However, even though some of the movements may look the same, they are actually used in different ways and to attain different goals. So what is yoga? Yoga is a simple process uniting the individual consciousness to th ...

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  • The benefits of Bikram Yoga

    If there’s one style of yoga that gets people talking, it’s Bikram. Bikram, or hot yoga as it’s otherwise known, is a type of yoga practice that incorporates 26 poses and breathing exercises held in a room heated to 40°C, and it’s touted as being an exercise that delivers full-body benefits. So, we thought we’d let you in on a few of them. •   ...

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