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  • The Phases of Life

      As a woman we travel through a raft of emotional and physical phases in our lives from childhood to teenage years, from early adulthood and for some to motherhood, then to middle age to menopause, senior to older years. In the past we were encouraged to make the most of our young years as they “don’t last forever” so we try and fail and ...

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  • Arriving home

    Who doesn't know that special feeling of getting home. It's deep, warm and just giving you comfort and security, isn't it? Even when you are far away from what is “home” for you, you can always trust your intuition when it comes to the question “Do I feel at home here?”. Within the last few weeks I was lucky to experience this feeling twice. Fi ...

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  • The Versatility Of Baby Yoga Mats

    Buying products for your new baby can be great fun and these days there are so many items for you to choose from. However, when you hand over your hard-earned money for products, you no doubt want to feel reassured that you and your little one will get plenty of use from them. With this in mind, you may want to check out the gorgeous baby yoga ...

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  • Boost Your Confidence With Post Natal Yoga

    Starting a family can be a rewarding experience. However, it is also tough and you may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the task of bringing up your children. One of the problems many new mums face is a fall in their confidence levels. Carrying a child for nine months before birth is not easy and this puts a great deal of strain on the body. Meanw ...

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  • Staying Snug This Winter With Fantastic Loungewear

    You might be feeling the winter chill. This time of year is generally the coldest and, while the days may gradually be getting longer, temperatures remain distinctly subdued. However, while the freezing winds may be blowing outside, it is possible to remain comfy and snug in your home. There is nothing more relaxing at this point in the calenda ...

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  • Yoga Clothes Make Superb Gifts

    Your thoughts may already be turning to the festive season. While December 25th still seems a long way off, it will arrive sooner than you think. And, by starting your Christmas shopping now, you can spread the cost of the celebrations and reduce the financial impact they have. This can make those dreaded January credit card bills a little less ...

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  • How Baby Yoga Can Give Your Infant the Best Start in Life

    Every parent wants to give their child the best start in life and ensure that they are healthy and happy, and there is no better way to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing than by taking them to baby yoga classes. Baby yoga is becoming an increasingly popular way to aid infant development, and can help strengthen the baby’s muscles, enco ...

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  • Pizza East in London

    Fancy a nice, familiar dinner with friends during the week? If you are keen on Hot-Spots in London and are a fan of Italian cuisine, Wellicious has the place to be for you. Located on the corner of Shoreditch High Street and Bethnal Green Road Pizza East offers its customers delicious Italian dishes in a relaxed atmosphere in dimmed light wi ...

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  • A great idea for presents

    You may yourself have a selection of yoga clothing at home. After all, if you take part in such activity, it is good to have the right garments at your disposal. This can help ensure you get the most from ...

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  • Mother's Day

    Don't forget Mother's Day on March 14th! Yes, Mother's Day is just around the corner and what better way to show Mum how much you care than with a special treat from Only-Roses. Surprise her with the unique scent and beauty of the worlds finest grown roses from Ecuador. The best of roses with the best of pampering for the best of Mums. Thank ...

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