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  • Why Everyone Should Invest in Cashmere Clothing

    Cashmere is a truly luxurious material that was once reserved for only the dressiest of outfits. But, it's since filtered into the realms of comfort clothes and is becoming increasingly popular, and everyone should own at least one item of cashmere clothing. Cashmere clothing offers wearers the height of comfort. There is nothing better than fe ...

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  • Unrivalled Comfort with Wellicious Summer Cashmere Clothing

    At Wellicious we value comfort and style above all, which is why we are proud to offer cashmere clothing that is unrivalled in terms of comfort ñ but what exactly makes cashmere so comfortable? Cashmere is actually one of the most sought after fabrics on the planet and originates from the cashmere domestic goat, which are now bred in many parts ...

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  • Wellicious - Cashmere Clothing

    Cashmere, or goat down, is a source of wool that is processed to become pure cashmere fibres for luxury clothing as well as other textiles. The name Cashmere comes from Kashmir, a state in the north of India where Mongolians first introduced Cashmere garments and goats as they expanded the Mongol Empire. This is where Europeans first became awa ...

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  • Washing and Drying Wellicious Cashmere Clothing

    When choosing how to wash and dry our Wellicious cashmere clothing, you should consider how important the garment is to you. Cashmere can be very sensitive, so if you do not want to risk damaging your garment, then hand washing and drying the item may well be the best option for you. - Washing of Wellicious Cashmere When it comes to hand ...

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