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  • Vamizi Island Retreat - Inspired By Nature

    Recently voted one of the best hotels in the Indian Ocean and Africa, in Conde Nast Traveller Awards 2011 and featured in Tatler Travel Guide 2012, Vamizi Island is firmly established as one of the world’s favourite destinations. Exclusive for 2012, Vamizi Island “inspired by nature”, is launching Vamizi Island Retreats. Vamizi Island is offeri ...

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  • Gorgeous Yoga Clothes Can Brighten Up A Dull Winter

    This time of year can be somewhat bleak. The leaves have fallen from the trees, grass is frozen and lacks its usual vibrancy and the nights are long. This may serve to dampen your spirits. However, there are ways in which you can inject some added vibrancy and fun into your life. For example, you can make the most of the gorgeous and colourful ...

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  • Getting Started In Yoga

    If you are thinking of taking up yoga you might be wondering how best to approach the discipline. The good news is, it has never been easier to make the most of this form of physical and mental exercise. Before you launch into the activity, it pays off to purchase some comfortable and stylish yoga clothing. After all, it is vital that you feel ...

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  • How Yoga Could Help You Stay Fit During The Festivities

    It is already coming up to that time of year. Soon, it will be time to hang up the festive decorations and prepare for the party season. Christmas can be great fun and it provides the perfect opportunity to spend some time with loved ones and to generally have a good time. However, like many people, you might be dreading the festive flab that c ...

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  • Dealing With Yoga Foot Cramps

    An occupational hazard for people who don their yoga clothes and get stuck into the discipline is foot cramp. So, if you have suffered such problems while in classes, you are by no means alone. However, episodes like this can be painful and embarrassing. Severe cramps can stop you from continuing with your exercises. But the good news is, there ...

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  • Looking Gorgeous In Your Yoga Class

    When you have looked for new yoga wear in the past, you might have been disappointed with the items on offer. For some reason, many providers of such offerings seem to pay little heed to the way they look. This can be hugely frustrating. After all, you might be keen to look your best when you attend your classes and donning frumpy and unattract ...

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  • Getting The Most From Yoga

    Many people find there is nothing better than donning their yoga clothes and getting stuck into exercises. However, to get the most from such endeavours, it is important for individuals to bear in mind a number of dos and don'ts. So, if you are thinking of taking up such activities, you might want to take these into account. For example, expert ...

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  • The Principles Of Pilates

    Pilates has soared in popularity over recent times as more and more people switch on to the benefits it offers. You might be among the many individuals who dons Pilates clothing to get stuck into the pursuit. The discipline was founded in the early 20th century by the German Joseph Pilates. He originally called the activity contrology because h ...

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  • Yoga When Expecting

    Many people worry about returning to their usual yoga routines when they find out they're pregnant; in the Western world we place a lot of emphasis on the idea that pregnant women should change their eating, drinking and leisure habits, rest and even stop working. Other cultures take a more relaxed approach, with women working, walking long dis ...

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  • Feel Great When You’re Lounging About

    A feeling of wellbeing goes hand in hand with yoga, and at Wellicious we know that you don’t want to compromise on looking stylish and feeling comfortable or feminine whilst you’re doing your yoga poses, or even the most mundane of tasks. Whether it’s a trip down to the local shops to stock up the fridge, do a little housework around the house ...

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