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  • Lemons Can Do So Much For You

    Lemons are generally know as vitamin-packed fruits. They are not only good for colds but also good for headaches, for bad moods and for beautiful nails. -If you are in a bad mood and need a little bit of a mood lifter the fragrance of a lemon could help you feel refreshed. -If you have a terrible headache add the juice of a lemon to your strong ...

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  • New Pillow and Aromatherapy at Fregate Island Private

    Frégate Island Private, the exclusive Seychellois retreat, is pleased to introduce a brand new pillow and aromatherapy menu to ensure that all guests enjoy the perfect night’s sleep. This special service is just one of the initiatives taken to ensure guests feel utterly at home during their stay on the island, and awake and ready to embrace the ...

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