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Anti Aging

  • Detox your body and mind

    Detox means to eliminate toxins which nestle down in our bodies. These days there is nothing we can do to stay completely clean from toxins. The reason I am saying this is that we not only consume toxins from the food we eat, like pesticides in vegetables but also through other influences. The environment for example is another source or in our ...

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  • New POWER and KRIYA YOGA DVD for anti-ageing

    New Shoot Pictures brings you the second release of their new fitness line, Power Yoga & Kriya Yoga for anti-ageing with Yogi Ashokananda. Growing up in India as a young child Yogi Ashokananda studied yoga from an early age under the guidance of many Indian Masters. For decades Yogi has been teaching and practicing yoga to many students aro ...

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  • Super Food - Grapes

    A grape resembles a blood cell. They also hang together in the shape of the heart. Three important components of grapes are flavonoids, phenolic acids and resveratrol which are most concentrated in the skin, stems and seeds and associated with good health. Flavonoids contribute to the colour purple. Flavonoid compounds also include quercitin an ...

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  • Yoga At Every Age

    Yoga is a sport for any age, with many enthusiasts practising it throughout their lives either consistently or for many different periods. Many women report that their yoga journey begins at university or in their twenties, as part of a foray into a healthy, mindful existence involving fitness and an interest in new-age therapies like pilates. ...

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  • It Is Time For An Autumn Cleanse

    The best way to start the autumn is with a body cleansing process. Take quality time for yourself aiming to cleanse your body of toxins. Or maybe you’ll need a super-food boost, don’t worry, EF MEDISPA’s menu of colonics will tick all your choices. Feel the benefits and advantages of having colonic hydrotherapy, this includes an improved health ...

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  • The Super 3 Desk Workout

    To many of us have little time left in our day to then after work head off to the gym, yet its time to think about multi tasking just squeeze in 15 minutes at lunch time this will get you in shape and buzzing for the afternoon. The Super 3 Desk Workout For your Abdominals: Sit on your chair with your feet placed flat on the floor in front of yo ...

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  • A Detoxing Start in the Morning

    Body Brushing is a gentle yet powerful technique that breaks down congestion in stagnant body parts by stimulating internal movement and draining the lymphatic system. The best is to body brush just five minutes in the morning before showering and always brush towards the heart. That is just a small change to your daily routine which can make ...

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  • Healthy Summer Skin

    We expect a really hot summer after the big disappointment last year and it already looks promising. Of course we all head to the beach, park or lido to catch every bit of the sunlight. But don’t forget that nothing ages the skin more than too much sun. Of course you look great tanned but just follow some simple rules like avoiding the sun abo ...

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  • 10 Health Habits That Will Help You Live to 100

    My friend Ellen just send me an interesting article, that I would like to share with you. The article has been written by Deborah Kotz;-). Let's get started.... 1. Don't retire. "Evidence shows that in societies where people stop working abruptly, the incidence of obesity and chronic disease skyrockets after retirement," says Luigi Ferrucci, di ...

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  • Anti-Aging for your Body

    A quick Wellicious guide to maintaining your body Spine: Without your spine you’re lost. To protect your spine you should look after your back and abdominal muscles. Have Pilates lessons 2-3 times a week, and you will feel yourself getting stronger. If you eat fatty fish like salmon, herring or mackerel twice a week you can also prevent arthrit ...

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