Amazing book on chakra system by Anodea Judith

We absolutely love reading our new book "Eastern Body Western Mind" by Anodea Judith as it approaches the traditional chakra system differently by combining the theory of the Indian chakra system with modern psychology. Each chapter focuses on one of the seven chakras, explaining its characteristics thoroughly. Then the author links spiritual with psychological concepts by analysing and linking those concepts with for example Freudian, Piagetian, or Eriksonian theory and hence to the chakra system.

With the help of this book one can understand the source and symptoms of an imbalanced life and tackle them accordingly. Through our yoga teacher training we have already received a lot of insights into the importance of chakras. We had been also aware that yoga, meditation but also chakra healing can not only increase mental wellbeing but also physical wellbeing as well. However, this book is not only great for personal use, but we think that it could also be a valuable companion in other life areas such as work.

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