The latest Cover of Yoga Journal UK shows how much Yoga has evolved in the recent years

Last week we went shopping at Wholefoods in London and could not contain our excitement when we saw the cover picture of the latest August issue of Yoga Journal in the UK. The cover picture of London based yoga teacher Kathryn Budig looks so refreshing, modern, new and represents exactly how much yoga has evolved in the recent years. When we started doing yoga 16 years ago, this it was very different. Of course one can argue that yoga nowadays has evolved into being a more physical activity lacking depth as it has become more mainstream. Indeed yoga is more - according to Patanjali, the father of modern yoga, yoga is not only about yoga asanas but also about pranayama, which are advanced breathing practises. However, thinking of our own evolution, yoga has developed from being merely a physical activity to being a strong foundation in our life. This change has had different milestones for us and looking back we even appreciate that our yoga practise has evolved with our life step by step. In our 20s we mainly loved the physical practise of yoga focusing mainly on Ashtanga yoga; in our 30s we introduced a daily yoga practise in our life consisting more of calmer yoga styles such as hatha yoga & yin yoga. In our 40s we added pranayama breathing excersises to our daily yoga practise, which we further deepend during our yoga teacher training with Inspira Yoga. That is why we think there is nothing wrong when people start doing yoga more for its physical benefits to achieve toned muscles and to increase their flexibilty - because, like us, after doing yoga more regularly most people realise that yoga also has the excellent side effects of attaining a peaceful body and mind and feeling more relaxed and less stressed in general.

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