Meditation & Yoga will Assist you with your Digital Detox

Are you just as addicted to your smartphone as we are? We think it is high time to change this habit of ours and have decided to undergo a digital detox to restrict our mobile phone screen time.

In recent years, we have become more and more attached to our smartphones and especially so as we were also managing our Wellicious social media accounts. The good news though is that you can employ tools available on your phone to consciously limit your phone usage - for example, Apple has improved their applications such as "Notifications" and "Do Not Disturb" since June 2018- and help you to suppress the urge to constantly flick through your messages and social media feeds. Additionally, there is now a new digital wellness app on the market for ‘iOS 12’ which is called Screen Time. This new app provides you with a series of daily reports to make you aware of how much time you spend on your mobile phone and then help you cut down on your mobile phone usage.

However, your mobile phone addiction can be also improved with other tools such as engaging in a daily short meditation. In fact most addictions, including smartphone phone addiction, have their roots in stress, which can be improved by meditation. Meditation makes you more immune to the stresses of a busy lifestyle and more happy and content by releasing postive endorphins to your  brain and bodyAccording to a study at Harvard, meditation stimulates your brain to be happy and feel good without the need for external stimulants such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or even smartphones. In addition to meditation you can also practise yoga on regular basis, which helps you to reconnect more with your physical self and serves as a stark contrast to screen time which is so much about being in your head.

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