What are the Benefits of Dancing Warrior Pose?

Dancing warrior - (Viparita Virabhadrasana) is one of our most favourite yoga poses. We love this pose, which is also called the reverse warrior pose, because it deeply stretches our side and waist muscles and therefore opens our body up to the world. But this is not all - this yoga pose also works and stretches arms, shoulders, lower back, legs and hips muscles. We especially practise the dancing warrior pose in the morning to kickstart the day as it is a very energising yoga pose and it reduces fatigue and calms the mind. We mainly incorporate this yoga pose in our daily yoga routines as a transition pose and to also link other yoga poses with each other. Dancing warrior is often used in Vinyasa flow classes to move from Warrior I to Warrior II and finally to the reverse warrior position. There are plenty of yoga videos in the net, if you are looking for some ideas on how to incorporate this beautiful yoga postures into your yoga practice.

We love this photo of Leslie Keeler Saglio practising the dancing warrior pose in Wellicious.

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