Why We Love Headstands

Headstands are one of the best yoga poses you can practice and they are often known as the "King" of all yoga poses. We couldn't agree more as everyday we finish our daily yoga rountine with a headstand because they just make us feel incredible and full of energy to tackle the day. Indeed, headstands, when mastered and practised on a daily basis, are one of the most invigorating and energising yoga poses. Headstands are also a perfect detox pose as they help to stimulate your lymphatic system. They also improve your digestion, posture, and general wellbeing. However, this is not all: headstands reverse the effect of gravity and so make your skin more radiant and plump. They promote rejuvenation of the skin cells as the blood flows towards the face. What we also love about headstands is that they also help our endoctrine system to keep our hormones in balance.

A big thank you to Lea Lou for sending us this beautiful picture in Wellicious in an headstand! For more information on Lea Lou click here.

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