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Monthly Archives: June 2018

  • Why We Love Headstands

    Headstands are one of the best yoga poses you can practice and they are often known as the "King" of all yoga poses. We couldn't agree more as everyday we finish our daily yoga rountine with a headstand because they just make us feel incredible and full of energy to tackle the day. Indeed, headstands, when mastered and practised on a daily basi ...

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  • Yoga Sanctuary at Two Rivers - Yoga Heaven in Costa Rica

    Today we are packing our Wellicious styles and yoga mats to travel across the world to beautiful Costa Rica to join either a yoga retreat at the Yoga Sanctuary at Two Rivers. Not only is this place built in a completely sustainable way, but it also oozes tranquillity and a true yoga spirit. It is stunningly located very close to a National Natu ...

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  • Healthy food enhances your yoga practice

    “You are what you eat” - a healthy diet will perfectly complement your yoga practice, as food also influences your body, emotions and feelings! Food can indeed influence positive and negative feelings and therefore affect your yoga exercise but also your life. Foods such as chia seeds, yoghurt, oats, kale, quinoa and banana are excellent for yo ...

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