Healthy food enhances your yoga practice

“You are what you eat” - a healthy diet will perfectly complement your yoga practice, as food also influences your body, emotions and feelings! Food can indeed influence positive and negative feelings and therefore affect your yoga exercise but also your life. Foods such as chia seeds, yoghurt, oats, kale, quinoa and banana are excellent for you and very nutrient-rich. These foods can also help you to maintain your weight and improve your yoga practise. A regular detox or cleanse is also recommended to remove toxins from your body to improve your energy levels and digestion.

Eating healthy is also not so difficult anymore. There are plenty of delicious and healthy restaurants in London which support your balanced lifestyle. We are currently big fans of a new restaurant in Notting Hill called “Andina Notting Hill”, where you can nourish your soul with delicious Peruvian food in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. They even have a bakery next door with gluten free and vegan bread choices. We absolutely love this place! For more information:

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