Pilates Lovers

Everybody knows that we absolutely love doing yoga, but Pilates is amazing too. Pilates, like yoga, is an exercise system that works every part of your body. We have to admit that when it comes to improving our core strength, especially, Pilates is simply astonishing as it targets the deep abdominal muscles. We also like that we can adjust the Pilates exercises according to our daily mood. As Pilates movements are rather low impact you can easily adjust the movements to your level. Recently, we have also started to take Pilates reformer classes, as we can give all our body muscles an excellent workout without exhausting them. You basically build strength without reaching fatigue while also creating improved range of motion in your joints and improving your flexibility. However the best part is that we always leave our reformer classes full of energy! We had started doing Pilates several years ago when we had a lot of pain in our lower back. Within a short period of time we could strengthen our muscles and so get rid of our pain. Our most favourite place to do Pilates in London currently is Body Control Pilates as they are right in the heart of London. They offer so many different classes to choose from and their teachers are absolutely exceptional too! Body Control Pilates has also recently done an amazing photoshoot with our Wellicious styles, which are perfect for your Pilates exercises. The pics really look great! A big thank you to them. So off you go!

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