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Monthly Archives: November 2017

  • Sustainable Yarns

    Every day we get more excited by the increased options for new sustainable fibres in the fashion industry, which herald important changes and innovation in the fashion industry. Currently, the value total fashion market is estimated at 3 trillion dollars and is responsible for 2% of the world's GDP. However, the fashion market is also the 2nd l ...

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  • Stunning New Hotel Silena

    We have found the perfect wellness retreat for you! That is why we cannot wait for the opening of new hotel Silena on the 27th of December 2017. This stunning hotel is located in the South Tyrolean mountains and is just perfect for a nice get away as it offers yoga, Qi-Gong, meditation, hiking tours and delicious natural food. The cherry on top ...

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  • Pilates Lovers

    Everybody knows that we absolutely love doing yoga, but Pilates is amazing too. Pilates, like yoga, is an exercise system that works every part of your body. We have to admit that when it comes to improving our core strength, especially, Pilates is simply astonishing as it targets the deep abdominal muscles. We also like that we can adjust the ...

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