Why we Love our Sustainable Catsuits

We just love our Wellicious Catsuits as they are perfect for doing yoga as you can completely concentrate on your yoga poses and do not need to fiddle around with your clothes. Especially when these poses do not come easy to you, like the upward facing dog! This yoga pose looks easy, but it took us a lot of work to get it right! But not only can you concentrate better on your yoga poses, your breathing or your meditation,  you look amazing too. And if you need to hide some areas just wear a little something on top. However, the best part of our catsuits is that that they are very comfortable, all made with organic materials and are all manufactured in Portugal, where EU laws on environmental protection apply to clothing production. Additionally, workers rights are protected as well. Wonderful, no?

A big thank you to @yogaandphoto for this mesmerising photo! The model on this pic is wearing Wellicious.

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