Mindful Consumption

Over the last few years, our perception towards shopping has inexorably changed and shifted. A walk through the city means you are exposed to product after product and, somehow, you can be left feeling just a little overwhelmed by the assault on your senses by all this conspicuous consumption. Additionally, you start wondering just why there is such a glut of things in the shops. But what concerns us even more is that the products are not necessarily made of quality nor sustainable. Little by little we become aware how we have been unconsciously dragged towards buying and consuming more and more over the years. The shocking amount of plastic we get with each product in our weekly grocery shopping, for example, makes us realise the extent of this throw-away culture we have created on a global level. While travelling in Europe, we are relieved to see that more things are recycled and possibly be lulled into thinking that maybe things are not so bad.  But then again we start thinking of how this is certainly not the norm in many other cities worldwide, and, how in recent years, more and more people move to urban areas instead of in rural areas. All this has led, in the past months, to a certain nostalgia overcoming us, and we remember how we used to shop less, buy more quality and recycle and treat things with respect to ensure that we are able to use them for a long time. So, unintentionally, we have have changed to mindful consumption in the past year and months, by consciously weighing up the effect our purchase will have on our community, our society, and on our planet. It just makes us aware of the effect every one of our purchases has and this has led us away from aspirational shopping towards more conscious shopping. Indeed, a recent study has confirmed that more and more people could live without most of the items they own. Also, when talking to friends we realise that we are not the only ones having the same thoughts. Phew!

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