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Monthly Archives: September 2017

  • Mindful Consumption

    Over the last few years, our perception towards shopping has inexorably changed and shifted. A walk through the city means you are exposed to product after product and, somehow, you can be left feeling just a little overwhelmed by the assault on your senses by all this conspicuous consumption. Additionally, you start wondering just why there is ...

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  • Why we Love our Sustainable Catsuits

    We just love our Wellicious Catsuits as they are perfect for doing yoga as you can completely concentrate on your yoga poses and do not need to fiddle around with your clothes. Especially when these poses do not come easy to you, like the upward facing dog! This yoga pose looks easy, but it took us a lot of work to get it right! But not only ca ...

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  • Why we love Being Bored

    Just doing nothing is so precious and it is so nice to be far away from the hustle and bustle of London on our holiday in France. It is not only the London lifestyle that keeps us busy, but our smartphones keep us occupied too. We constantly look for new inspiration and more exciting news on our IT devices and, in doing so, we tend to forget ab ...

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