Hang it Up

We have never been very fond of tumble dryers and hardly use them. But there are even more reasons to just hang up your clothes and let them dry naturally instead of putting them in the tumble dryer. We know that it can sometimes be inconvenient, especially when we need to let dry our bed sheets or if our apartment is not big enough. However, by not using a tumble dryer at home you can dramatically increase the longevity of your clothes, especially when they are made of natural fibres. There is a lot of scientific evidence how tumble dryers damage fabrics. They can shrink clothes, transfer colour and actual tear the materials. You might have noticed that every time you put your clothes in the dryer your dryer’s lint tray is full of fibre particles, that is because each time you use the dryer you do microscopic damage to the fabric. We can only confirm that since we do not use any dryers anymore our Wellicous styles really last for a long time. We are wearing some styles for years now even though we wash them at least once per week. For our production, we mainly use natural fabrics like organic cotton, linen and Lyocell for our Wellicous styles, which is a plant based material made out of wood and plant pulp. "While cotton can be dried at the relatively high temperatures in clothes dryers without immediate catastrophic damage, serious abrasions and cracking damage occur with repeated dryings," says the study's lead author, Young-Sook Lee Buisson, Ph.D., of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Southern Regional Research Center in New Orleans. In any case, linen garments should never be dried in a dryer as they can shrink 10-15% percent as a result. Lastly, it is really not at all advisable to put our Lyocell fabrics into the dryer as the fibres can easily break as explained above. In fact, most returns we get from customers are based not following the washing instructions for our garments or because they do use the tumble dryer. Other important factors to not use a tumble dryer is to reduce your CO2 footprint.  In switching to a clothes rack or washing line and refraining from using a dryer, you can save up to half a tonne of CO2. You can also save lots of energy end reduce your electricity bill as an average tumble dryer uses around 4kWh of energy per load. For us these are reasons enough to hang up our clothes and let them dry naturally.





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