The Magic of the Breath

For more than 15 years we have been doing yoga but we had never given a lot of importance to meditation. With so many things going on in our lives, meditation somehow did just not fit in our daily routine. This drastically changed last year in November 2016, when we, completely by coincidence, joined a meditation weekend workshop organized by Traditional Yoga in the countryside, an hour away from London. Who would have thought that we would love the effect that mediation had on us! We were immediately hooked and that from one day to the next we would start to include meditation into our daily yoga practice. Nowadays, we even wake up one hour earlier in the morning to be able to meditate. The more and more we meditated the more we experienced our own breath, and little by little we started noticing subtle changes. Suddenly, we noticed that our breath helped us to control our feelings in certain situations, which we just thought was surprising at first. This, especially, when we were exposed to unconformable life situations or felt under pressure we were suddenly aware of our breath and how we used it to unintentionally calm ourselves down. It really felt like magic! Presently, we are not only aware of our breath but we also use it to relax and to focus on the bright side when needed. It is such a wonderful tool to include in your daily practice and we love the feeling to just breathe any worries away. Be it pressure at work, being scared of flying, or being afraid of confrontations etc. There are a lot of excellent meditation workshops. We prefer the meditation technique of Traditional Yoga as it is simple, powerful and as it only focuses on the breath. In the meantime, we have even done a meditation teacher program with them to teach other people as well.

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