Buy Less – Buy Better & Have Fun!

Every day the Wellicious team loves to spend time to think about new solutions on how we can make our products more sustainable. So far we only source all our materials from eco-friendly or recycled resources to ensure that our products meet sustainable standards. Also, our fabrics are sourced and produced by the best weavers in Portugal to ensure that our products last for a long time (we still wear our basics from 5 years ago). On top, we only manufacture our Wellicious styles in Portugal where production standards need to comply with EU regulations.

Another way of being of being sustainable is by just buying less and more wisely and focus on quality and not on quantity. That is why we would like to encourage consumers to really think twice before buying new products as everything that is manufactured consumes energy and resources and is hence polluting our environment. We have to admit that we also sometimes buy products from fast fashion brands (especially for our kids), but we have also noticed that we do it less and less. This is also because we feel more guilty than in the past, as we now have more information on how the products are being produced. Have you already had the same experience?  Lastly, we sometimes feel a little bit overwhelmed by the immense offers by different brands. Then we look back and remember that we also shopped far less in the past and that we needed to think twice before buying goods as they were simply more expensive but lasted longer. There are so many beautiful brands out there which offer sustainable or better quality products! Just give it a try!

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