Wellicious News from our Dutch Ambassador Myrna van Kemenade

The Wellicious team met up with Myrna van Kemenade, one of the best yoga teachers in the Netherlands, to chat about her latest news. Myrna has just opened her new yoga studio Yogadreams in Zaandam in the Netherlands. It is absolutely beautiful and  definitely worth a visit if you are in the area, as they also teach their classes in English.

1) When did you start doing yoga and why?

I started doing yoga in 2001 when I was in between two musicals and traveled on my own for 5 weeks to Thailand. I ended up in a detox place and they offered ashtanga yoga every day. Then I was hooked! From being a dancer where the focus is on the outside, I could go inward with yoga. So yoga for me was a natural follow up on my dancing.

2) You are now teaching Barre Classes as well. Why?

I created Barre Yoga because I missed the yoga and the peace in all the barre workouts I followed in Europe and New York. So I brought my two passions in life together: Ballet and Yoga, which resulted in my own developed Barre Yoga.

3) Where is you favourite place to do Yoga?

My favorite place to do yoga is in my studio Yogadreams in Zaandam because that feels like my second home. And I have 4 yoga shalas so room enough! ;-)

4) What do you love about Wellicious?

I love the fit of the Wellicious clothing, it is soft, breathable and still firm around the skin so you can move as much as you like and it will stay in place. Love it!


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