Why we love the warrior poses...

We have always been in love with all different warrior poses (virabhadrasana 1, 2 and 3)! The warrior poses can be challenging as it involves the whole body and you really have to get the alignment right. However, the warrior poses bring us confidence, courage and focus, and that's what we love about them. Our favorite warrior pose is Warrior 2. In this pose your hips are open, your shoulders are stacked above hips, and your arms are extending in opposite directions. Finally, with a light gaze over your front middle finger, you look to the front. While doing this, we tend to focus on an image or wish that we want in our lives. It feels wonderful to feel the power and strength of this posture in our bodies.

But why are these yoga posses called warrior posses? The story in short behind the warrior poses is that Shiva became angry and tore out a lock of his hair, throwing it on the ground. The hair turned into Virabhadra, an incredibly powerful warrior, who used righteous anger to defeat enemies. The Warrior poses are different embodiments of this powerful warrior. Life is full of ups and downs. We have differences with family, friends and other people. The warrior posses help us to navigate through life by accepting that this is how it is. We have to find tools and ways to live and communicate with other people, which can be fun but sometimes also not easy. However, with the strength of the warrior poses we feel a beautiful strength, which makes everything easier.

To read more about the history about the warrior poses please click here: http://ahamyoga.com/2015/11/history-of-virabhadrasana-or-warrior-pose/. A big thank you to Lea Lou for wearing our Wellicious Leggings in this pic! ?✨.

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