Be a free spirit!

The Wellicious team loves to be free spirited! Honestly, the brand Wellicious would have not existed if its founders hadn't been "free spirits". But what does it mean to be a "free spirit"? To us it means that we are able to think out of the box and to express our own points of views without limiting ourselves what other people think. When we launched Wellicious back in 2007, all our friends told us that the yoga market in not a relevant market and that we should pursue a different dream. Also, all clothing companies at that time manufactured their collection in the far east to keep costs low and because it was the latest trend. The Welllicious team, from the very beginning, chose to make sustainable manufacturing and sustainable fabrics and not using any child labour their priority because anything else would have been wrong. Time has proved us right and we are very happy that we stuck to our dreams and beliefs even though a lot of people tried to convince us to change our path. Even today, we always try to follow our heart, passion and beliefs because it makes us happy. It feels good that we have set an example that others have dared to follow.  Never forget that you only have one life and so live your life for you and nobody else. Try to do what makes you happy, and dare to say no to people who want to restrict you, obviously without ever hurting anybody. If you are new to being a free spirrited person you can also take it step by step, and maybe try something out that you have never done before. You will love it!
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