It's Detox Time! Part 4

Detoxing Body and Mind
In Ayurveda we have a principle called Ama. We often translate it as toxins. For example if our Agni, digestive fire, can not digest the food and drinks we consume it creates toxicity.

This is why we emphasise a balanced and healthy digestion in Ayurveda. And why we talk a lot about what, when, why and how we eat. And perhaps more intimately why we discuss our elimination and bowel movements.

In the last few blogs we talked about how to support our digestive system and our Agni. We also discussed a different translation of Ama, or toxins. I often use the translation: Undigested material. Because if we digest the food well we get all the nutrients and eliminate any waste. But if the waste doesn’t eliminate properly it becomes Ama: sludge, toxic and unhealthy. It becomes the potential for dis-ease or simply feeling below par.

Mental and Emotional Toxicity.
It is not only food and beverages we “take in”. Ayurveda recognises all our senses: taste, hearing, sight, smell and touch. We also acknowledge emotional, mental and spiritual impressions and how they may nourish and nurture us. Or how they may become more detrimental.

We live in a world full of information. The information we get from social media, the news, newspapers and magazines. The conversations we have with friends, family and colleagues. All those sense impressions need to be digested too.

Information overload will have the same effect as too much food. It can become Ama, or toxic, if we don’t digest it well.

Tools for Mental and Emotional Detox
Perhaps one of the best way to detox mentally is with meditation. Meditation is almost like a detox for the mind. We give the mind and emotions time to digest. Simply time to digest what we already know and feel. Even as a beginner you can try this:

- Find a comfortable seat; on a chair, a cushion or even lying down
- Take a few moments just to breathe. Deep inhale… and long exhale through the mouth. You can sigh out the out-breath letting go of any irritations or thoughts
- Come back to the body’s spontaneous breath
- Start to listen to your surroundings. Observe all the sounds. No judgement, no analysing, you don’t even need to name the sounds. Can you listen to all the sounds simultaneously? Sounds that are close, far? Moving sounds, loud ones or quiet ones? Continue for a few moments
- Let that go
- Now observe your thoughts the same way. Acknowledge all the thoughts. No judgements and no analysing. Let them bubble up and let them go. You are not following the thought thread. One thought comes up. You let it go. Another one comes up and your let it go. Perhaps you observe no thoughts and your simple acknowledge that
- Let that go
- Observe the sounds around you again for a few moments
- Now feel your physical body and come back to the present moment
- When ready let go of the meditation

I love this meditation. Even those of us with a busy mind can practise it. It offers our mind time to digest our thoughts. We also learn to detach from too much noise. Whether that noise is the sounds around us such as traffic or noisy neighbours or the noise in our mind.

You try the guided meditation here:

Another way to detox our mental and emotional being is to take a break from social media, newspapers or television news. Try once a week to enjoy a full day of social media detox. And eliminate negative news for that day too.

We are not trying to ignore challenging situations. We are using this detox as a way to create space to deal with a busy life and a world that can feel overwhelming.

Give yourself permission to enjoy stillness and ease in your body, emotions and mind.

Enjoy!  Anja Brierley & Your Wellicious Team

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