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Monthly Archives: March 2017

  • Be a free spirit!

    The Wellicious team loves to be free spirited! Honestly, the brand Wellicious would have not existed if its founders hadn't been "free spirits". But what does it mean to be a "free spirit"? To us it means that we are able to think out of the box and to express our own points of views without limiting ourselves what other people think. When we ...

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  • It's Detox Time! Part 4

    Detoxing Body and Mind In Ayurveda we have a principle called Ama. We often translate it as toxins. For example if our Agni, digestive fire, can not digest the food and drinks we consume it creates toxicity. This is why we emphasise a balanced and healthy digestion in Ayurveda. And why we talk a lot about what, when, why and how we eat. And per ...

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