It's Detox Time! Part 3

How to Maintain a Detox Diet
One thing is to have a detox day or a few days of detox diet such as the Kitcheri Detox we discussed in our last blog. Another thing is to maintain a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

In Ayurveda we focus on the digestive fire, or Agni. This is our ability to digest, transform, absorb and eliminate through the digestion. When our Agni is balanced we digest well, we have healthy cravings and a good appetite. We know when we are hungry and when and what we need to eat or drink. One of the things we learn in my Detox & Rejuvenate Immersion ( is how to reset our digestion, listen to our Agni and our cravings. Here are some of my tips to get you started.

Tips for a healthy Agni
Enjoy these tip to support your Agni and the natural detox process:
- Never drink ice cold drinks or drinks with ice cubes. This will extinguish the Agni and therefore make it unable to digest our food properly.
- Unless it’s summer or you are in a warm climate do not take raw foods, cool salads or ice cream. Putting anything cold on your Agni, digestive fire, will cool it down and it will have to work even harder to digest, transform, absorb or eliminate your meal.

- Drink warm drinks such as boiled (but not boiling) or room temperate water.
- Enjoy digestive teas such as: cumin, fresh ginger, fennel, coriander and cardamon. Either use your spices from your kitchen or find them prepared in tea bags.
- Use the same spices in your cooking. Adding cumin, fresh ginger, fennel, coriander or cardamon to your meals will support your Agni to digest efficiently.
- Make it easy for your Agni to do it’s work: Enjoy simple warm meals such as casseroles and soups. These are excellent autumn and winter foods too. If possible use local, seasonal, organic produce.
- Kitcheri, a dish make of rice and lentils, is an excellent simple meal. We discussed using this for a 1-3 day detox last week. But you can easily add some seasonal vegetable to it to make it a tasty wholesome meal.

We eat with all our senses. Cook with love. The best restaurant meals are always when the chef is in love! So prepare your meals with intention of nurturing and nourishing. Smell the ingredients, touch and feel the texture. Enjoy the colours, the changes and the sounds the ingredients make during your preparation. Present your meals beautifully - and, yes, you deserve your best plates and cutlery. Eat with your eyes, nose and mouth. Eat in a peaceful environment. And when you eat avoid reading, replying to emails, working or eating on transport. Let your body and mind concentrate on the taste and texture of the food instead to enhance your digestion.

Bon appetite.

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