Wellicious - Love at first sight

You can always find the latest yoga news on www.theyogaaffair.com! That's why we love their blog so much. Yoga Affair has written a beautiful blog entry about Wellicous that we had to share with you. In collaboration with Caroline Prange they have also taken some beautiful images in our latest Wellicious styles. You will find their original text here. You can find a translation of their Wellicious article below. Enjoy reading it!

Love at first sight

I first encountered Wellicious at the Yogawerkstatt in Vienna. Some of their heavenly pieces were being sold at the studio and everyone was wearing them. For me, it was the first brand that produced ethical and sustainable yoga wear. There weren't many alternatives at that time. This is, of course, a few years ago and the market has since developed quite considerably. Wearing Wellicious felt special, after all a pair of leggings wasn't cheap and I could only afford to treat myself to a piece once ever so often. It was therefore all the more special and that joy is yet undiminished.

On a mission

Wellicious was founded in London in 2009 by Heike Schnel. A passionate yogini, she found it near impossible to find stylish attire for her yoga practice, which were also at the same time both comfortable and ethically and sustainably produced.

Wellicious was set up with a mission create a premium line of yoga wear to cater to a growing number of people with sustainable values. For people who want to pursue a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, maintain their fitness and yet don't want to sacrifice style for mere functionality.

The yoga outfits are always designed keeping their versatility in mind. Stylish and feminine yoga wear that also seamlessly fit into daily life. The term 'athleisure' is a good description.

Sustainable Production in Europe

The entire collection is produced in Europe. A dedicated production team works hard to ensure that materials are sourced and produced sustainably.

The feel of pure organic cotton, natural fibres and plant-based lyocell and linen on one's skin feels natural. Wellicious places great emphasis on producing superior quality, stylish and long-lasting clothing, that is not harmful to humans or to the planet.

Think twice

Well, this is exactly why we should always think twice before we reach for a bargain item made out of plastic, whose provenance and production we know nothing of. I am a huge Wellicious fan and adore the unbelievably soft and natural materials. The materials flatter and hug the body and makes one want wear nothing else!

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