It's Detox Time! Part 1

As we start the new year many of us have a new year’s resolutions of being more wholesome, create space for self care and a healthy lifestyle. Many of us embark on new diets, on detoxes, getting back to exercise and on the yoga mat, and buy sustainable yoga clothing like Wellicious.

In collaboration with Anja Brierley from, the Wellicious team would like to support you on your journey with some Ayurvedic and Yogic tips. Anja, founder of, believes Yoga and Ayurveda are about balance. We can integrate these ancient sciences into our daily modern living as a philosophy and way of life as well as exercise, diet and lifestyle. It’s not about restrictions but about living fully and vibrantly. We will start with understanding the detox process and toxicity from an ayurvedic perspective and how to prepare body and mind for a reset for the new year.

Detox? Understanding a cleanse from an Ayurvedic perspective: In Ayurveda we have a concept called Ama. Ama is loosely translated as toxins. But “undigested material” is perhaps a better translation. In a healthy person the food we eat will be digested. The nutrients absorbed and transformed into nourishment for the body. Any waste will be eliminated through the digestion. However, if don’t easily digest, if we eat or drink foods/beverages that are unwholesome, with no nutrients or simply incompatible with our constitution, it can become Ama, toxic. Even thoughts, emotions and sense impressions can become Ama if we don’t know how to process them.

One of the main pillars of Ayurveda is a healthy digestive system where our bodies can simply detoxify easily. But sometimes we need to give our bodies a bit of a rest. Stop overloading it, support our digestive fire, Agni, and relax our mind. Then our bodies can effectively digest and eliminate. It can reset so we once again feel light, energised, wholesome and radiant.

How to Detox Ayurvedically: Let’s start with elimination. How well do you eliminate? In Ayurveda we talk a lot about our bowel movements; their consistency, smell, shape and frequency. Depending on your constitution we would generally like to have 1-3 bowel movements a day and feel comfortable and complete afterwards. If that is not the case our first step to reset and detox is to balance our bowels.

- Drink Cumin tea first thing every morning. One teaspoon of cumin seeds (you can get them in any supermarket or grocery shop) to a mug or glass of boiling water. Steep for minimum 10 minutes. Or simply soak the seeds in water overnight and drink the water in the morning.

- Exercise or do yoga to get the blood circulation moving and stimulate your bowels.

- Abdominal Massage. Massage from the right hip point up towards the right lower rib, then across to under the left lower rib, down to left hip point and gently across to the right hip once again. Keep this clockwise circular movement going for a few rounds. You can use a massage oil such as almond or sesame. Add essential oils of black pepper, ginger and grapefruit for added warming and digestive power.

Continue with these 3 tips for the rest of the week. Next week, we will do a 1-3 day full on mono-diet detox. This Ayurvedic Detox is super easy for our digestion to digest. It offers our body time to rest. Our Agni, digestive fire, can simply start to digest any Ama, undigested material, and a natural detox has begun. By preparing your body with the cumin tea, the yogic exercises and abdominal massage you are already starting the process. Making it even easier for the body to eliminate, let go and release any Ama.

Enjoy the process and let me know how it goes. And make sure to check in again next week for the actual Detox and more Ayurvedic tips.

Have fun!

Anja and Your Wellicious team

Please note these detox tips are not appropriate for pregnant women. Always check with a health practitioner before any new exercise or using essential oils. Use of essential oils: always make a skin test. Use a dilution of max 2% essential oils (e.g. Total 12 drops of essential oil to 30 ml of carrier oil).

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