Three of the best mediation apps for relaxation

Three of the best mediation apps for relaxation

Meditation used to happen in a remote place, far away from civilisation, and within a calm environment. We at Wellicious take time to meditate whenever we can, but sometimes life gets in the way and we need to find ways of incorporating our meditation into our daily (often busy) routine.
It turns out that technology has embraced meditation a long time ago and there are quite a few apps out there that are worth a try.

Here are a some that we like:

Headspace (
It’s straightforward and has a clean look. Designed for the modern yogi who needs those ten minutes of, well, headspace.

Buddhify (

These meditations are meant to be suitable for certain situations, such as feeling tense, waking up – or getting to sleep. There are over 80 different meditations to choose from.

Calm (
This is a simple mindfulness app that also offers courses (7-21 days) so you can see how you progress (the goal could be to find better sleep). You can choose between guided and unguided meditations (the latter are using music to calm the mind).

Have you tried meditation apps? We certainly always have a few available at our fingertips, for those stressful moments when we need a quick mental boost!


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